JITbase helps machine shops stay productive when it's challenging to find qualified machinists, or when health measures dictated by the COVID-19 pandemic force them to limit the number of employees.

Powered by artificial intelligence the OPS calculates in real-time an optimal path for the operator who is managing multiple machines given certain constraints (i.e: when the operator must be present on each machine for a manual operation such as planned stop (M00), inspection, tool change, setup, etc).

One machinist managing four CNC machines in a cell

Being proactive in knowing when they have to be back on each machine, the machinist can efficiently manage three or four machines at the same time with the maximum of uptime, limiting the number of employees present in a cell.

The operator view is displayed on the three machines managed by the operator (e.g.: on a tablet)

OPS can be implemented remotely and within hours depending on the CNC machines.

Contact us to know more about it: frederic.scherer@jitbase.com, 514-797-2589