Troubleshooting Machine Connectivity Issues

JITbase is able to connect to many different machine protocols, however this connectivity is dependant on the connectivity of the machine to your internal network.  The following will provide you with steps to troubleshoot connectivity problems between your machine and JITbase.

Physical connection

The first thing to check when JITbase is no longer receiving data from your machine is if the network or serial cable is properly connected to the machine.

Modern FANUC controllers have an embedded port built into the controller box.  This is where you will connect your network cable

Network configuration

If your machine is properly connected to the network the next step is to confirm that your network configuration is properly set.  To do this, first obtain the IP address and port number from your controller.  Protocol default ports

  • FOCAS: 8193
  • MTConnect: 7878

Next, test if your machine is visible on your network.  You can do this in a number of ways:

Brows to the address

Using a standard web browser, type in the machine's address and port and see if there is a response.

CURL command

From a BASH or ZSH (Linux) terminal, use the CURL command to attempt to connect to the machine
$ curl

telnet command

You can also attempt to use the telnet command to test the machine's address and port
$ telnet 7878

If the connection is successful then you should see SHDR formatted data displayed

MTConnect configuration

If you are using MTConnect, ensure that your MTConnect server is properly configured.  The MTConnect server is the bridge between the machine's MTConnect adapter and JITbase.  Ensure that your machine's ip address and port are property set in the MTConnect configuration GUI.

You can test your MTConnect server by typing the MTConnect address for any of the machines into a browser.  If an XML document is displayed then your MTConnect server is up and running.

Ensuire machine property configured with JITbase

Once all the above steps have been completed, ensure that JITbase has the proper IP address and PORT for all problematic machines.  

If you are using a FANUC controller, JITbase should have the IP address and port on which the FOCAS data is being transmitted.

If you are using MTConnect, JITbase should have the MTConnect data address, and not the machine address and port