Machine data, Human insight

  • Increase CNC uptime
  • Optimize human resources
  • More Lights-Out operations

Made for and by aerospace manufacturers

JITbase works with Canadian aerospace manufacturers in Montreal,
the world’s 3rd largest market after Seattle and Toulouse

Designed for high-performance machine shops


Increase CNC uptime

Just-in-time operator

OPS tells the operator which machine will soon require human intervention. The operator is able to get to the machine before it stops. No more cases where the machine is stopped until the operator realizes it.

Proactive operator

Seeing the future, the operator can take breaks or plan other jobs during Lights-Out periods.

Better than human intuition

Like a chess player

A human operator can think a few moves ahead — he can manage one or two machines efficiently. But with a fleet of machines to manage, human intuition reaches a limit.

Millions of calculations

OPS is like a computer playing chess, looking far into the future to calculate the optimal sequence of actions. Also, OPS adapts to delays and the start of new programs. The operator always knows how to manage a fleet of machines with maximizal uptime.

Make the most of your workforce

Solve the machinist shortage

JITbase seeks to increase machine shop productivity while addressing the shortage of specialized labour.

Operators manage more CNCs

Each operator effectively manages a fleet of machines instead of one or two. OPS tells the operator where to go and when, avoiding the need to constantly check the status of each machine.

Fast training ramp-up

Whether the machinist is experienced or not, he will follow the same optimal path. With OPS, a junior performs at the same level as an expert.

More Lights-Out, less stoppage

Detect unwanted stoppage

JITbase helps CNC programers identify unwanted M0 & M1 commands so they can eventually be removed.

Increased automation

Reduced stoppage increases Lights-Out sequences, meaning programs evolve to require less human intervention.

Continuous improvement

Compare executed programs to view how changes increase performance

Standard communication protocols

JITbase connects to all standard communication protocols for CNC controllers


OPS: beyond classic machine monitoring

“All machine-monitoring solutions out there show you how bad your production is. OPS is the tool to improve it.”
Kyryll Zaytsev, continuous improvement manager at Leesta