Improve CNC programs with
actual production time analysis

The CNC Program Optimizer module helps Methods Engineering analyze production historical data in order to align program timing with production reality.

Maximize performance using data from the real world.

Detect recurring problems and flaws in CNC programs

Eliminate wasted time

JITbase automatically detects where the waste of time occurs in a specific CNC program. Engineers get to understand if the inefficiencies occur during setup, planned stops, changeovers or machining times. They can then focus on the main waste of time for continuous improvement.
Machinists using the JITbase on a tablet to optimize productivity

Detect planned stops (M00) that take longer than expected

Based on actual production feedback, update estimated times for better costing and production planning. Improve the current process to help operators to respect standard time, and share best practices from the best operators.
Interface showing an instruction taking longer than expected

Remove unnecessary Planned stops (M00)

The system detects planned stops that are not performed in production and that can potentially be removed from the standard process, which reduces human interventions.
Identifying wasted time

Detect and reduce unplanned Spring cuts/Reworks

JITbase automatically detects tool paths that lead to unplanned spring cuts (also known as rework or restart). Knowing which tool path is problematic helps the Methods Engineering department to improve the CNC program by adjusting the speed or the parameters.
Screenshot of CNC program optimizer

Update estimated times with real production data

With historical data generated by CNC programs, the CNC Program Optimizer aggregates standard cycle times per tool and per human intervention. Actual production times can be compared with theoretical times. It leads to better costing and it improves future production planning.
Comparison of estimated times with actual production times

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