Reduce machine downtime
& improve OEE

JITbase Machine Monitoring helps to automatically and accurately track production KPI, without human input.

Supervisors and operators can react faster on the shopfloor thanks to real-time information.

Improve Production Efficiency with Machine Monitoring

Machine status at a glance with Live Dashboard

The live dashboard displays machine status in real-time. Supervisors react faster to problems, resulting in less machine downtime.

Respond without delay thanks to alerts

All departments benefit from real-time data, from the shop floor to higher management.

JITbase dashboard showing CNC machine monitoring
Track your overall equipment effectiveness & machine status in real-time.

Track production KPIs such as OEE, machine utilization, performance rate & partcounts

Managers monitor trends and make continuous improvements to increase production capacity. JITbase machine monitoring software automatically captures data from CNC controllers and helps to make data-driven decisions.

Analyze tendencies

Use data visualizations to view availability trends by week, month or year to gain insight into your productivity, and spot opportunities for improvement.

Machine monitoring reports
Machine monitoring reports

Your data belongs to you

The JITbase webapp enables you to export machine monitoring data as an Excel spreadsheet so you can analyze the data however you want. You can even automate the process using our API.

Screenshot of report with XLS icon

Reduce the main causes of downtime

To improve OEE, operators can add a reason for downtime when it reaches a specified threshold, helping to better understand and track machine inactivity. The output is a Pareto analysis, which help you focus on the main downtime reasons for continuous improvement.

Operators using Jitbase on a tablet
Shop floor showing Jitbase dashboard on TV

Key benefits of machine monitoring

  • Increase CNC machine uptime

  • Maximize overall equipment effectiveness (OEE)

  • Get real-time status of the shop floor

  • Understand causes of machine downtime

  • Reduce downtime

  • Gain control of your production

  • Data-driven decisions

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