Real-time feedback,
data-driven decisions

Poor production visibility and manual data entry text-xl to inefficiency and delays. CNC machine monitoring, a pillar of Industry 4.0, solves both.

Machine monitoring allows for real-time data visualization and powerful long-term analyses using reports.

With JITbase, increase your uptime by 20%.

Decrease costly downtime

Visualize machine status in real-time

Upload a floor plan of your factory and track machine status at a glance in order to react quickly when needed.

Monitor your availability & performance

View real-time KPIs such as overall equipment effectiveness (OEE), availability rate, units produced & machine downtime by shift, machine or team.

Analyze tendencies

View availability trends by week, month or year to gain insight into your productivity, and spot opportunities for improvement.

JITbase dashboard showing CNC machine monitoring on a TV, computer or tablet screen
Track your overall equipment effectiveness (OEE).
Real-time dashboard showing the status of several CNC machines on a TV screen on the shop floor.
Real-time dashboard

Display important KPIs

View machine status at a glance, updated live on any device (TV, tablet, laptop).

Displaying key production data on the shop floor helps empower your employees, track the advancement throughout the day and meet your objectives & deadlines.

Respond without delay

All departments benefit from real-time data, from the shop floor to higher management.

Machine downtime

A report of machine downtime can help you detect the cause, whether it’s a specific shift, weekends, or a problematic CNC machine.

Program performance

See the number of times a program has run on your CNC machine. Know how many parts have been produced per machine, shift or team.

Continuous improvement

Analyse the gap between estimated vs real time, and take corrective action to keep improving machine efficiency.

Custom saved reports

Some information is more relevant than others. Customize your report layout and keep an eye on what you are responsible for.

Close-up of machine status in the JITbase real-time dashboard
Powerful reports allow for long-term analysis.

Digitize your shop floor

The JITbase IIoT solution is secure and easy to implement.


CNC data is encrypted and streamed to JITbase in the cloud where is it kept safe.


JITbase is accessible over the internet at any time. This means you can display your data on a shop-floor TV screen, a computer or tablet at home.


The JITbase system optimally organizes production and human resources for a quick ROI.

The JITbase Databridge is easily connected to CNC machines, providing a quick path to Industry 4.0
The JITbase Databridgeconnects directly to CNC controllers with standard communications protocols. It takes about an hour.

Key benefits of machine monitoring

  • Increase CNC machine uptime

  • Maximize overall equipment effectiveness

  • Real-time status of shop floor

  • Understand cause of machine downtime

  • Reduced downtime

  • Gain control of your production

  • On-time delivery

  • Data-driven decisions

Case study

JITbase is helping Leesta increase its machine uptime

“All machine-monitoring solutions out there show you how bad your production is. OPS is the tool to improve it.”

Kyryll Zaytsev, continuous improvement manager at LeestaLogo Leesta

Maximize your overall equipment efficiency

Get a birds-eye view of your equipment